The aim of the project is to identify new ways in which the creative industry can create transformative work that impacts business, politics and society.

The 3 building blocks:


It is essential to understand the global challenges business and society face today. That's why I will meet and interview leading entrepreneurs, economists, social change makers and lateral thinkers; basically everybody who is willing to contribute! The goal is to get as many different perspectives and insights as possible on how creative thinkers across different disciplines can help to create and facilitate change.


I have no idea where this journey will lead me. But I know that during the next 12 months I will encounter a lot of inspiring people, learn a few new skills and live through some transformational experiences myself.  A mentor of mine told me it will be as much an 'inner' as an 'outer' journey. That's why I will deliberately take breaks and time off to be able to think and digest. So there might be some days or maybe even weeks where I won't share anything here. But these times of reflection and stillness will be vital to truly create something meaningful.



I was very fortunate to have met some really amazing people over the last few years. They inspired me in different ways to dare to take the leap and go on this journey. They shared their ideas, insights and advice with me, and this is a way to give back and maybe inspire others to do so too. There is nothing more powerful than like-minded people that connect and come together to work on something they really believe in.

If you know somebody who might be interested in participating in an event, such as a lunch talk or a lecture, or who might like to be interviewed for the blog, please spread the word or connect us. I am more than happy to share my findings in a presentation or exchange ideas over
a drink.

Here is a video of a presentation I gave at the Miami Ad School
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7)