Everything started out with being frustrated and fed up about the lack of innovation in my very own industry...

While most agencies & consultancies were focused on promoting the latest buzzwords like “digital transformation” “Integrated campaigns” or to name a recent one “Influencer Marketing”,  the actual work that we were doing for our clients became less and less relevant.

And it was clear to see that this model doesn’t really work anymore with the complex challenges that our clients were facing in their business.

Frustrated by this stuck situation we decided to stop complaining and start doing something about it.  Driven by the strong belief that we could create ideas that really made a difference for our clients, their customers, and the world, we founded the “Create Meaning Project” in 2010 and got started.

“Challenge conventional thinking, explore new
creative possibilities and redefine advertising 
in the 21st century.”
— The founding mission


Then we started bringing the idea to life...

To reach out to the creative community we began writing a blog and gave talks at the ADC, the APG, other conferences, events and universities. But this was only the first step, because the core of the project was to prototype tangible ideas.

So we developed our own “Create Meaning” class that we taught at the Miami Ad School in Berlin, Hamburg and Miami, and at a University in Rostov, Russia. Over time, well known industry leaders such as Michael Trautmann or Katrin Oeding joined in and supported the project by, for example, judging the final pitch presentations of the students and giving them valuable feedback.

Everything was going great... UNtil we got caught by reality.

We got promoted in our day jobs or started our own businesses, and time became a very scarce resource. The challenges of our jobs took over and we had to reduce the efforts on the project to a minimum. Which has bothered me personally ever since…

So I decided, Just do it...

I turned 30 in December 2015, and having worked in the creative & consulting industry for 10 years, this unfinished project bothered me so much that I needed to act on it.

That's why I decided to take all my savings and devote one year of my life to the Create Meaning Project and try to answer the open question of how can creativity help to change the world for the better.