Hello, we are Create Meaning - a Consulting Studio that is based in the heart of Berlin. We work with entrepreneurs that are driven to make a difference in the world.

It all started with a journey around the world to explore the emerging future of business

We all feel that we are living in times of profound change. Everyday we are confronted by the consequences of social, economic and ecological crises. Despite the seemingly insurmountable nature of these issues we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the current challenges and explore ideas about how these could be addressed.

Back in 2015, our founder Steffen decided to embark on a quest around the world to meet and interview leading entrepreneurs, economists, creatives, visionary thinkers and change makers. The intention was to explore ways in which business can play a meaningful role in addressing these problems and how we can use our abilities to create solutions that really matters in the 21st century.

This insightful journey was the starting point of the meaningful work we do with our clients today.



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All photography provided by the very talented Sebastian Burgold