We are dedicated to do meaningful work. From a start-up accelerator for people with disabilities in Australia, to a social enterprise in the Philippines or a vegan food company in Germany.

It is such an incredible opportunity to support such a diverse set of conscious businesses from around the world. From the beginning, the goal of Create Meaning was to empower these organizations with knowledge and practical tools relating to their mission that could help them make a difference in the world. Each of these organizations has one thing in common: they are driven by a higher purpose, a goal that goes far beyond profits. With the help of a great many post-it notes, we worked to define and build a solid strategy for their future and support them along the way.

“Working with Create Meaning, was a crucial element for all of our startups in our accelerator program. With a clearly defined purpose, they now have a strategy to bring it to life.”
— Peter Horsley, CEO REmarkable


Over the last 11 years, I have had the opportunity to work in several industries ranging from advertising, digital innovation and brand strategy, to leadership development and management consulting. I have learned from these different experiences that trying to fix a complex problem from the perspective of a single discipline, does not work. If you want to build a thriving business, you need to master all of the different aspects that come with growing a company. The mission of Create Meaning is to empower conscious entrepreneurs with this strategic knowledge, in addition to practical tools to do exactly that - succeed in today's market place. 

How does this work in practice?

To increase our impact and enable an integral workflow, we simply stripped away all the unnecessary structures of a conventional consulting business – everything from clustering services in different departments to fancy offices with expensive designer furniture and the insane day rates. Instead, we have built tools, simple workshop formats and adaptable methods that enable us to work effectively and without the usual “PowerPoint overkill.”

Our biggest advantage is that we are a team of generalists and combine our lean approach to problem solving, with an exclusive network of experts. These partners are experts in their field and become part of a project when they are needed. That enables us to deliver holistic solutions and support our clients’ development throughout the entire journey.


  • Network Approach:
    We have an extensive network of experts in different disciplines. Together with these associated partners, we are able to execute every kind of project.

  • Honest & Transparent:
    We don't rip our clients off with hidden fees or kickbacks, and we are always honest about what we think and what we do. For us this is the basis of a trusted partnership.

  • No Bullshit:
    We don't care about the latest buzzwords, so we simply skip that part and focus on solving our clients’ problems with solutions that have real impact.

  • Purpose Driven:
    We believe in the power of purpose. It is the foundation to developing meaningful work and a guiding principle for both our clients business, and us.

  • Adaptable:
    We understand that every project is different, that's why we tailor our service to the needs of the companies with which we work.

  • Hands-on:
    We know that collaboration is the key to building something great, that's why we work hand-in-hand with our clients and partners.

Based on these simple principles, we are able to bridge the gap between strategy, ideas, execution and implementation, in order to help our clients bring their vision to life. If you want to hear more about the Create Meaning approach, just get in touch.

Selection of CREATE MEaning Clients

These are a few of the clients we were able to support during this journey. Stay tuned for some new and exciting projects that will join this list in the next few months.