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Create Meaning is more than our name - it is our philosophy and our purpose. Founded in 2015 on the core belief that together we can imagine, create and build solutions that have meaningful impact in the world. We made it our mission to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to discover, understand, and unleash their potential to shape our future.


We are individuals from diverse backgrounds, careers and experiences bound together by shared values and the bold ambition to empower others to make a difference.

Steffen Stäuber
Founder & CEO
Tatjana Cadenovic
Michael Katzmann
Hannes Beer
Head of Design


We aspire to be the change we want to see in the world and the honest feedback and tough love of our mentors keeps us on this path.

Kyle Slabb
Applied Cultural Intelligence
Simon Hampel
Leadership Advisor & Entrepreneur


Everything started with a simple question:

What is the impact of my actions in the world?

What began as a personal inquiry by our founder became a profound journey of transformation and discovery for us all. And after years of exploration, prototyping, and perseverance it gave birth to Create Meaning, the company as it is today.


We pledge to always live our values, to be our true selves and act on what we believe in with everything we do.

We are committed to ...