new possibilities


For us every project is a journey that we walk alongside our clients. It always starts with a critical question, peaks in imagining all that is possible and results in tangible solutions that are integrated into the organisation.

Our ecosystem

If you have the ambition to solve complex problems, working with experts from diverse backgrounds is absolutely vital. We are fortunate to have such partners by our side. Committed to the same goals and united by real friendship, we love to create meaning with them whenever possible.

Julia Hayden
Embodiment Coach & Artist
Sven Oliver Heck
Transformation Coach
Frank Hüber
Creative Director / Designer
Monika Kanokova
Digital Strategist
Dr. Louis Klein
Systems Complexity Navigator
Sonja Reifenhäuser
Embodiment Coach & Facilitator
Katrin Oeding
Creative Director / Designer
Heiko Freyland
Creative Director
Jiro Taylor
Radical Transformation Coach
Ilana Wetzler
Transformation Coach & Facilitator
Friederike Lindenberg
Leadership Coach
Ben Reid
Innovation Consultant
Joshua Fields
Consciousness Hacking
Anne Caspari
Transformation Consultant
Hannes Entz-von Zerssen
Leadership Coach
Jéronimo Calderón
Collective Intelligence Researcher
Mark Magellan
Storytelling Expert
Kelelowor Yang Itu
Karry Schwettmann
B Corp & Research Specialist
Sarah Müller
Project Manager Event & Marketing

Our partners

Every Organisation is unique in the way they are set up and in what they need to succeed in their category. That’s why we have curated an ecosystem of partner companies that enable us to deliver scalable solutions. From lean prototypes, in depth market research to global digital platforms – together we make it happen.

Research & Ideation
Proud Humans
Strategy & Storytelling Studio
Ideation & Innovation
Pure Story
Transmedia Storytelling
Ideation & Content
Majormajor Design Co.
Design & Communication
Design & Communication
Innovation & Strategy
Vast Forward
Strategy Consulting
Museum für Werte
Culture Transformation
Product Design