The Opportunity to Make a Difference — Video interview with Mark Monchek

I´m excited to share the first video interview with you. Mark Monchek and I met at the Center for Social Innovation, a very vibrant co-working space in the heart of New York.

Mark is the founder of the Opportunity Lab, a strategy and leadership development firm focused on conscious businesses.

Throughout his career Mark has worked with a quite impressive list of clients but what was even more inspiring to me, than his professional credentials, was his humbleness and the depth of our conversation. Mark shared very openly his personal story on how a profound personal crisis had led him to found his company and why he is so passionated to support businesses to make a difference. Today he and his team work with leaders and organizations to shift in their thinking from a mindset of fear to a culture of opportunity, and in this video he shares some insights how they are doing it.


For all that want to know more about Mark and the Opportunity Lab, here is an interesting Podcast, a link to his blog and for all that like regular insights, just follow him on twitter.

And as always, I´m looking forward to your feedback.