How can we develop a new identity for a company on a mission to change the rules of business?

Client: Sagana

Country: Switzerland

Develop an innovative brand, new company name, and clear positioning for one of the leading impact investment companies in the market.
Since the launch of the new brand identity SAGANA has grown by 30%, plus was able to attract exceptional talents for their global team which has more than doubled in size.

The situation

In 2019 we received a message from Raya Papp, one of the founders of an innovative investment company. Back then the company was called “Challenger88”, and while they were doing groundbreaking work for years, they felt that the current brand and communication wasn’t reflecting what they were all about. Their bold ambition was to set new standards in the industry and they were looking for a partner to support them in establishing the company as a leader within this fast growing sector.


To truly understand the needs, opportunities, pain points and interests of their customers we conducted an anthropological research study with our partner BELUGA.

In a series of qualitative interviews we collected crucial data on the topic. We talked to a global group of Family Officers, High Networth Individuals, Next Generation Wealth Owners and Institutional Investors about their perspectives on impact investing. It was a fascinating journey in uncovering both the potential and the challenges around investing money in companies that are focussed on creating a positive impact in the world.


Together with the whole team we organised a 4 day offsite on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Informed by the research and through a series of facilitated exercises, we defined the core values and attributes of the new brand as well as co-created a bold mission for the future of the company.


What became clear during the workshop was that if we want to reach a global audience we have to transform the way we share the company's story. We shifted from the current confrontational approach of “challenging” people's perspectives to inspiring them about the incredible potential that is possible by investing money differently. “Unleashing Potential” captured this fundamental company ethos and became the new commitment and internal mantra for the organisation.


Together with our design team we created several concepts for the new brand identity and explored countless possible new names. The word SAGANA stood out, because it captured everything we wanted to express. It means “abundance” in Tagalog, and represents a beautiful metaphor about what the founders want to bring to the world.

Our ambition was to craft a design that carries the DNA of the company's bold mission within the brand. The inspiration for developing the final design route came to us by watching a documentary about the “Overview Effect”. It marks the transformational moment in history when humanity was able to see our own planet from space for the first time in 1969, and the profound impact it had on us.

We translated this concept in an innovative design system. The earth is in the center and the sphere is protecting life on earth. Each colour represents a different investment sector the company, and each investment into this sector strengthens the layer around the earth with its positive impact.

New Logo

This approach enabled us to create unique versions of the logo based on the different portfolios of each client - truly representing the bespoke approach SAGANA is offering their clients.

Colour Spectrum

Custom logos based on client portfolios

The result is a radically different brand that stands out within the market. We were very excited about the courage of the two founders in choosing this concept for building the new identity.

Business Cards



Custom set of icons


We didn’t stop there. To succeed in our mission of reaching a global audience, it was essential to share their story in an inspiring way. Besides crafting an inspiring newsletter concept and designing solutions for several brand touch points - we also created a film sharing the bold vision of SAGANA.


Building a strong brand identity is not only about the beautiful crafted design and storytelling, it requires a lot of inner work too. Together with the leadership team we developed new ideas about how we can manifest the defined values within the team, launched new rituals, offered individual coaching and explored ways of integrating the purpose into the culture of the company.


"Create Meaning was effective at bringing our team to align on our purpose, values, and priorities. They spent time to deeply understand the market, our culture and facilitated the workshop in a way that led to tangible outcomes we are using day-to-day at the company."

Raya Papp

Founding Partner

"Working with Create Meaning helped us to define and express our bold mission and build a brand that is truly unique in the market."

Wolfgang Hafenmayer

Founding Partner

Our talented team that has helped to make this project a success:
Strategy & Creative Direction
Steffen Stäuber

Project management
Lars Schönbörner

Hannes Beer
Thomas Beerwart

Web Development

Angeliki Karnoupaki
Film Direction & Animation
Saulo Jamariquelli

Luca Sammuri

Leadership Facilitation
Simon Hampel