How do we transform a struggling vegan supermarket business into a leading plant based product brand?

Client: Veganz

Country: Germany

Help Veganz to relaunch their brand and support the transformation process of the whole organisation.
A successfully managed turnaround process and new positioning in the market. Veganz is today one of the leading brands in the vegan food sector with over 46% unaided brand awareness.* Plus the winner of the “Future Marketing” Award”.
*Civey Markenstudie

The situation

In 2017 we got introduced to Jan Bredack by one of his investors. Back then Veganz was undergoing a massive transformation and they were looking for a partner that could support this critical process. Their initial business model of building and operating a vegan supermarket chain was failing and the CEO has made the brave decision to pivot and restructure the whole organisation. Jan and his team decided to reposition the company as a plant based food brand.

For this ambitious plan to work they needed to shift their focus to product development, innovation and marketing and figure out a way to bring their employees along on this journey.


We started our project by diving deep into the topic of veganism, analysing the culture and mapping potential opportunities for Veganz in the market.

Together with our research partner
BELUGA we did an anthropological field study with potential customers. We conducted many qualitative interviews and observed their shopping and eating behavior in order to truly understand how we can make a meaningful difference in their daily lives. In addition we included the feedback and ideas of the employees into our report, to include the knowledge from inside the organisation to design a holistic turnaround process.


Equipped with a lot of insights, data and new findings from our research we organised a 3 day workshop with the leadership team in the countryside outside Berlin. In our time together we developed a clear strategy for Veganz and how we will position the brand in the market.

A major outcome was the shift from a pure vegan customer focus to an integrated approach to help more people to adopt a plant based lifestyle.


We captured the essence of our new positioning in a clear and meaningful statement. “Food For A Better Life”. These few words are expressing everything that Veganz stands for and it became the internal tagline that helped to align the whole organisation and lead the company into the future.


After building a solid strategy for Veganz we curated a team of creative experts from our network to develop solutions for relaunching the brand into the world.

Together we created a new communicative plattform for Veganz to share it’s stories and with our new slogan “Good for you, better for all” we empowered the marketing team to build a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

But we didn’t stop there, our partner Katrin Oeding redesigned the whole packaging to stand out at the shelf and reflect the new approach on every product sold.


One of our major objectives was to bring the new positioning to life by really making a difference in people's lives. We wanted to help customers to make better decisions by being fully transparent and showing them what impact their purchases have on the environment.

To bring this idea to life Veganz partnered with
Eaternity to introduce the worlds first holistic sustainability score on their products. With this innovation and new approach to transparency Veganz is leading the way in the food industry and inspiring other brands to join their cause.


We believe action speaks louder than words. So if a company wants to truly life up their values they have to embody them and integrate them into every part of their organisation. To support this process we teamed up with a talented street artist that redesigned the offices and brought the new spirit of the Veganz to every wall. In addition we supported the leadership team in sharing the new brand narrative with their teams and designed a process for implementation.


Today Veganz is a leading company for plant based products with unaided brand awareness of over 46%. They are continuing to innovate and share their bold vision with the world.

And for their relentless work Jan and his team have won the “Future Marketing Award” in 2020. We are very proud to be able to contribute to this beautiful success story of Veganz.

Here is Jan’s feedback on the whole transformation process and a summary of the impact on his business: